Poem #36: Middle

60 days of reflecting continues..
That middle love that you are so tired of,
I am still digging for you,
Like a rig with bright lights for Ya,
I am coming home, finally, for Ya,
I am lined up late at night,
American flags and all,
Its a freedom haul,
Its everything I ever wanted and more,
Don’t you ask the same questions I ask?
Don’t you have the same fears as me?
I am putting it all out on the table for you,
I am going lower, even lower then before,
Life is meant to be lived,
So will you live with me?
Mobile goes the device,
Love is the best advice,
I am not a middle child,
Nor prone to reckless wild,
But is it not a part of living,
To get real close to dying?
Its that edge that calls to me,
Is she or is he apart of the journey?
Did she help you get here?
Did he help you get here?
Probably it fell in the middle,
In between letting go,
And really living,
Cause that’s where you find it,
Now, in the shadows of all
Night life,
Now I am disappointed daily
By things that don’t matter,
And all my love is scattered,
All this heart has gets shattered,
Keep it now,
Keep it up now,
The middle of mercy and
Justice is still the same
God with the same intentions,
The middle parts,
The middle dreams
That have yet to unfold,
I cannot go home now,
For its mobile anyway,
You are with me no matter
Where I go, middle and

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