#37: Cold Fire

Let love be the guide,
Let passion be the pride
You chase, and you choose,
With nothing ever to lose,
Fear like a noose,
Its around the neck,
So are those burdens,
And that judging speck!
I saw your picture in a stand still,
I wasted the last deal,
To feel a little more real,
I cannot but steal
Those cold toes of yours,
That winter scarf all tied up tight
around the neck,
Watching the speck
and judging still even more
Today, how to love better,
How to make it the ultimate
40 days and 40 nights
That is for sure,
Of living for a wild kind
Of temperature,
To sit closer to You,
To feel the heat,
To line it up on the street,
Red and white and blue and
Dead, goes these colors I show
For You instead,
What can burn bright,
Words at night,
Or painful explanations
While one stares at the ceiling?
What could be better,
Cold toes in the cold weather,
Or a life of burning, even when
Its cold outside?

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