#38: Just Been

Just been thinking to much,
Packing during lunch,
Always living for the rush,
Always running from the hush,
Silencing the silence you try to
Avoid, always adjusting to the void,
For it gets bigger every time I see you,
Now these letters are getting bigger,
Bank getting smaller,
A life of debt seems like a life of regret,
For I want life flowing in the positive,
Just been scratching your itches,
Moving closer like inches
To you on the couch,
Watching superheroes lose their
Way, watching the front door for
Disaster to walk through,
Dinner is for talking and not
Much of that has been happening,
I came over to feast,
To wait like the yeast,
To slowly rise with You,
To slowly surprise you,
To take all that has been
And to live just been,
In, now, to, now,
Through tomorrow,
To live today,
To much has been happening
So maybe I will miss what is
Happening right now?

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