Poem #39: News

It is all up for grabs,
Cd’s and dvd’s,
Soundtracks and memories,
Taylor and Calvin,
And all the concerns about
Alvin, he muttered, he bounced by me,
He gave up TV violence,
Hillary yelled in harsh silence,
Trump whistled for the white man to
Rise again,
Every Millenial should never try to win,
To win at everything and anything political,
Down goes the social,
Up goes the sugar,
Faster, bigger and stronger goes the
Dreams that we have and the dreams
That we make,
I too bend with the wind,
It blows harder on me daily,
I feel the heat,
I feel it rising,
Like a CD I hear the truth on replay,
It gets hushed out
It gets silenced out,
I, too cannot choose a new
Goal, I can barely attain the one’s
I have already made,
What still remains important?
Can we just get back to that?

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