#41: New

Memories for You,
Past like the ocean blue,
Can’t stop expressing the foggy
Love of a fountain I have for You,
The body of you is a fainted memory,
Its the talks that I remember, its the
Looks and the stares, and life at the
Top of the stairs,
Little kid or a worker,
The gig you called after school,
Chips and salsa and full house
Soccer cleats and spider man sheets,
She left, in and out, we have already
Talked it out,
Dinner was for eating,
And it should have been for talking,
But since you opened that front door,
Since you let me come upstairs,
Since you closed it behind us,
Since you smelled like fast food,
Since nothing ever went slower
Between us,
Memories of everyone named someone,
Named YOU<
Named who has a clue who I am really talking
But everyone has been a part,
A color, a stroke,
A joke, a choke,
A wrestle,
A pretzel laugh we used
To share, in the mall, down
By the college,
Down where there is no
collage anymore,
Dig again, a new You,
A new memory for You

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