#42: Undress For Me

Driving you back
Asking for you back
East coast world
Never bored
Tall kind of lover
At the city tower I met You
Now I’m lost where you found
Me and it’s real good,
Got some years on you
Cause you had some tears
On me,
I knew it
I often wonder why the things I want
Are so hard to find
And why you are still on this mind
A bigger bed in the center for me
Still waiting like a cowboy
For the real rodeo called kingdom
Come called pleasure eternal
Called continuance
Called endless horizon
Called glory denizen
I am at the end of oil
I’m running low on power
Even lower on powder
Need some explosive
Laughter called expansion
Called John 14 mansions
Called everything I want
I will have
So take it down for me
Everything you were gonna cover
Slide off those clothes
Cause the best is beyond
That bed of yours
The rest is yet to come

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