#43: Never Ready

Over doughnuts
Over grown ups
Over super hero stunts
Over the grunts and the
Moans from the pain you
Made of me because I am
Never sure how to stay accepted
Brown eyed queen I knew you
To love me so clean
Upstairs you called me
But I never came closer
So faster
So disaster was ready for me
I’m under that tree
I’m moving with the fig
I’m off the rig and I’m
A grown up with you
Who’s calling me at 2am
Who’s burning up again
Cause all these dreams
Are buried within,
Who’s asking for your time
Cause it was you
And the lower I went
The more money got spent
This life is a sent mission
And I am out of commission
I’m still on your ignition
But it’s a new life now
The best is yet to come
So don’t be ready
You never will be

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