#46: Feel For Ya

Feels like a Sunday night
Feels like I am pacing in this simplicity
Feels like I am losing the mystery,
Feels like a feeling I can never shake
Feels like another California earthquake
Feels like I still approach the unapproachable
Feels like He has plenty of time and never empty
On plenty anyway,
Feels like tonight is the night
When I stop writing about you,
About everything that has happened,
About the wild world we live in,
About all the feelings we cannot shake,
The rig is the family life we had,
It is the place we used to hide,
It is the mudball forts as kids,
It is the frozen snowballs down
Rockaway street,
It is every part of every part of me
That I was willing to give to you,
That rig was where we learned to work,
Where mom was always shaking in the
Living room, called it intercession,
Called it another recession,
Where every prayer is a peel back,
Is a talk back to be alive again,
Feels like I miss Eric, and Benji and
My sister and Nick even though he’s
down the street,
I miss mom sometimes, I miss the airlines
Life, I miss everything and it catches the
Feelings we all can feel,
That is life for Ya
That is how I feel for Ya,
All these cards,
All that is hard,
All is what I gave,
And all is the future,
All is the thing for you to save

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