Last week’s reflection NOW..


Since the fall of 2015 this has been my spot. At the kitchen table. My dating of posts has been 3 weeks behind and ahead. I usually write a few posts at once then date it for today or the next day, then a week later I backdate( and that is usually because I am behind).

You are in the middle of the 60 days of poetry. I have been putting the words ‘Rig’ and ‘Gig’ in these poems. What could it possibly mean? The rig sounds like you work on the oil fields. I am middle eastern and that’s always a joke someone could tell. The land of milk and oil, really?

I can’t help but come to this reflection that all of life is work. All of what we do as humans is work towards something and work on our relationships. However, work doesn’t have to be a curse it can be enjoyable.


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