#51:Some Serious Space

Gave you some serious space

You gave me that serious face,

Gave you a little bit more then the last one,

Gave you more than maybe I should have,

You had some years on me,

I had some tears on you,

Eastern smile for the western let down,

For the wild ride of a mystery you became,

For every work day of getting closer to you,

For every Orange Town hot tub talk,

That seemed to always be about you,

Gave you more than enough,

Still it wasn’t enough,

Let you settle,

Risen like the kettle,

Every 4th of July, I swear,

Always an explosion,

Always the backseat stare,

Always that beach house,

Always the moon getting a little closer to you,

Gave you some serious space,

Now its gone on for to long now,

Gave me more than enough but it

Was never enough, maybe just maybe

Because it wasn’t all that it seemed,

Of course, everything is  better with

The Ocean, but a little bit worse

When you can’t get to it,

I can still wait, still wait for something

Better, some kind of better 4th of July,

Some kind of better reason why,

Trust is a must and the direction

Church, is forward,

Forward like the sword,

Wield it sharp,

Wield it close to the heart,

Everything she was,

Everything he was,

Everything is past,

New mountains to climb,

New lover for some new space,

Some, new, serious space

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