#52: Gig as Kids

Just kids( Mat Kearney’s album has inspired me a lot this past year)
Now we are always backwards kind of kids,
We were just kids with plastic lids,
Plastic love that was bendable,
Rig, just so you know,
Is where we live,
It is where we did live,
Fort Collins with Phil Collins
On repeat, down rockaway street,
Carmike ten when I was ten,
When movies were everything,
Before we learned, just as kids,
How to really move,
How to really live,
The gig was mom and dad and
Their encouraging of the stage life,
Of how much we loved it,
Of how much we enjoyed being stars,
Of how much I stared and lived for the stars
Up above,
I know we were just kids,
I know we are just adults now,
But kid land now is spread out pretty
Wide, Is where I still like to hide,
Love will grab you daily,
Love will grip your chest,
Love will grow you up,
Love is what it was even as
Just Kids,
Now the rig is different,
Now the work we had to do
Is different,
Now the dirt is hard,
It is the boulevard,
It is in need of the plow,
Our hearts are rock hard
And rock solid its meant to be,
Just kids taught me how to dance,
Taught me romance,
Taught me pain,
Taught me how to be,
Still a kid and still a grown up

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