#53: Another Friday

Friday night at last,
Friday’s of the past,
Got you wishing for Saturday,
Got you waking up next to me,
Got us calling for another weekend
I laid it down once,
Maybe I won’t do that again,
Got that beach house for you,
The Laguna straights for you,
The thousand steps to find you,
Now I am still up late on a Friday,
Now I am still up late without you,
I used to spend it on you,
I used to pull that couch out for you
I used to keep that toothbrush for you,
Friday never so lonely,
But Friday still is one less person without
Now flying to Phoenix,
Now fighting the sun,
Now you were hidden under the
Now you were a little bit to dark for me,
But a little bit of light is what you needed,
Now I am never going home again,
Never living that lonely hotel life again,
Instead I am staying in your living room,
I am pulling out the couch for myself,
I am the sidekick you never had,
I am the faceless dad in those pictures,
I am also without your future,
Got us calling backwards,
How many more Fridays can we go without it?
Can love chase you any day of the week?
Can mercy start to gain a good streak one
Where I live a little bit larger then I did before
Its never lonely without you,
It is simply just another Friday without you

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