#54: Never Clear

Never clear all the things you want to hear,

But I am still here, waiting in anticipation,

Earth still in rotation, its perfect anyways,

Yet it never tips my way,

You were always wanting a lean on,

Always a lead on,

Always a burning eschaton,

Ready for the end, but really, don’t you want to live a little?

Upstairs in the spring,

Downstairs for much to short of a time,

Now, I still remember the first of December,

When the 8 grades of living just got a little bit better?

Those blonde highlights,

Those late nights,

Those later to be fist fights,

God, you were electric,

You lit up this city,

You stopped never to long at being pretty,

Much to pretty for me,

It was never clear,

Nor is it still today,

Anything we ever want,

But for those that have fallen down the path,

Electric on the rig,

Electric for the gig,

Love is still in motion,

The earth in perfect rotating


Never clear I still hear,

All that you ever wanted to show me

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