#55 Real Tight

In the last 60 days I have talked about a lot of relationships( girls and guys) that have affected me. Here is to all those that I have had the honor of knowing past and present.

Something in the air,

We are getting closer to the clear,

Your bags are packed, your lies are

Smacked, your truth on the floor,

Your shoes here no more,

Your lies out the door,

All my life,

Been making being right the final fight,

Been living to be the one on top,

The king of the hill,

The one with all the attention,

I have failed to mention,

All my constant apprehension,

All that I cannot do anymore,

I am dead now, walking around,

I am presented alive again,

I am beating again,

Its in sight,

Your Samsonite,

Ready for the next flight,

I am the arrival,

And sadly, I am the departure,

I got close to you,

Maybe to close,

Had some fireworks,

And now its faded,

Just like this country,

We still bleed blue,

And sweat a lot too,

But is working at McDonald’s

The end of jumping over,

Crossing over, living fully

Here, in America?

Packed away real tight,

Your secrets, your lies,

Everything I used to carry

Around for you,

Used to spend it all on you,

All my cards and all my houses,

Now I am lighting it up for you,

One more time,

The runway for a little


You were the arrival,

And now you are the departure,

You love the jetway,

You love to get disappeared,

Only to reappear,

Only to give us a little scare,

When you leave I feel lost,

When you go I still don’t know,

It might be love, or it might just be lust,

Cause I am still thinking about you just

As much as when you were next to me,

Next to me daily,

Always sitting right beside,

My secrets aren’t for you,

But for someone new,

And they have left town,

Nothing new,

Love is pain and love is hurt,

Want is the core of all that


I carry it around,

Real tight,

My Samsonite,

My love for you,

That is always in plain sight

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