#58: Future Me

All I’ve got now are 

Options and less buttons 

After ten pm,

I might not make it home tonight 

I’ve got you in my line of sight,

You’ve got your Samsonite,

Always a ready runway 

Always a closed off Jetway,

Yes I am the arrival,

And sadly for you girl 

I am the departure,

I am the future will you be

Apart of it?

I am locked away on the past 

Cause I thought you were the 

Best I never had because of 

All the drama with dad,

Future me wants you too

But this heart won’t force you,

Mountain worker I was and I went 

Up for you and sped down for you 

Now life has continued but seems 

Like I can’t without you,

Future me wants a past you 

Pack it up 

In my line of sight 

All your love,

Ready for the next flight 

Runway with me for I’m always 

Running will you with me

Be the future with me?

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