#59: Scabs and Cabs

The closer I get to remembering

The further I get from forgetting

Everything I’m not sure what to do

With or where to put you in this

Mind, I gig it up for you one last

Time, one last ride, can your love

Guide me and why Me

All you’ve ever done is wow me

The way you bite those lips

The way you move those hips

The mark has already been made

Now I am picking at the scab

Calling a cab and driving away

From those memories,

Sugar for you for all the stress you

Caused me,

Stay summer beautiful like where

I first found you,

Keep it up now the way you grow


Scabs and cabs from you

Endless gas spent trying and

Driving to get to you,

No regrets except I still

See Ya,

I still know Ya,

I still hear Ya,

I still got scars from Ya

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