#60: The Rig Life( the end of 60 days)

Thank you to all the readers who have joined in the last two months. I greatly appreciate it. I love writing poetry and always enjoy the process. I have been a little bit more transparent in the last 2 months, then I have been in the past. Yes, I have talked about depression in this blog and all my struggles and battles with that but the last 60 days has brought up some deep relationship reflection from both girls and guys. Here’s the last of this series..poem #60

The Rig life

was the real life,

The real world hardening

From the lack of gardening,

Never a fresh plant home,

For she was never fully there,

He was but not really-

Lampshade rally, where is the light?

Why did you hide back there and live that

Corner despair?

I came closer the more you grew farther,

How is the rig the only place I dig?

It has stayed true with me, that nothing

in life is ever easy,

With you it seemed easier,

Your love grew older,

Your beauty even better,

Your front seat stares, your

Hidden road flares, your everything

I never did see, for all you ever did

Was stay hidden from me,

The rig is every home, and every state

We ever lived in, we ever had our mercy

Filled denizen,

A large cabinet for the religion,

Always opened for the taking,

But mercy as a rule, that was in the making-

I can’t go upstairs with you,

And close the doors behind us,

The smoke is clearing, the days are passing,

The journals stay hidden under some clothes,

But who you were and what you are still hasn’t

Changed, and seems to still remain,

My future is your furniture,

Like you sit on it in my head,

Like you opened the door and never

Left, like no one else can lay down on it,

Like, I don’t want anyone else to stay the night,

But you, but you all the time, but you in the morning,

But you in the mourning, but you like no one else can?

You’re off the rig now,

You’re gone with another,

You’re one summer turned into ten

That’s what Walk the Moon says,

Your in my line of sight,

Your packed up Samsonite,

You dark is my light,

I see you wherever I go,

I am still here and you never will be

Next to me,

I am back on the rig,

A new rewire to fire the neurons

Again, to write some new code again,

To live closer to the memories,

But further from you

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