Just Another

Just another smoke with you 

Just another joke with you,

Just another joke to you,

Just another midnight fight 

With destiny

With you sitting next to me,

Your my future just like 

The furniture,

You came in the fall,

I fell pretty hard,

Just another love affair with 

Change, with leaves, with long


Now I’m smoking alone 

In the zone,

Slaving to make the rent

Cause you made a dent,

I’m still in debt,

I owe you nothing

But you have my everything,

Bags always packed,

Just another red eyed flight,

Just another reason to leave 

Midway through,

So I can get to you,

The smoke I still inhale

With money for bail,

Your on my couch

You’re on my mattress,

You’re a walking mess,

The way you wear that dress,

I see you now, everywhere,

All your shadows fuel my 


I smoke you in 

I take you in,

Just another night 

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