I feel it Mat sings

Your heart it stings 

It’s burning up tonight 

In the middle of last night,

I had some fire with you 

Some fire next to You,

Some powder some would say 

Is the way love is anyway,

Grinded and powdered kind of 


When you leave I am crushed 

It started with an all night crush

Or maybe was just lust,

I made a list on it,

Listless because of it,

I am sour now

You used to be sweet,

Now I’m beating still 

His heart for us so wide


So all of you was last night 

But more of you is tonight ,

I am reckless world and I wont

Stop until I get what I want,

This heartbeats once again 

To lay it down fresh 

Love is sacrifice

Love over faith and hope

But I need all three to get back to


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