The Drive 

​More of a new thing to post poetic reflections on Instagram but here it goes.. The Drive
Born with it,

That ability to absorb it,

Curls in hand 

Twirling until these dreams come true 

Had some kind of old life to run from, the ceiling fight,

Trying to always be right 

And ready, ready for the next 

Now one summer turns into 

Ten and I’m still choosing you 

Again, I used to wash windows 

For you, all to give you a better view,
I used to drive myself to my own front door,

Used to explore that new living room for You to live in,
Used to drive myself to do better at loving the letters,

At reading your words all night 

Im still driving to you 

Driving from you 

Driving to long to stay 

Long enough to be forgotten,
Now one summer is ten

And I don’t want that to end
I do better without seasons 

Or change but with one 

Great exchange: to drive 

And to not look back,

To live on Your edge,

To fearfully and wonderfully 

Let you steer me where I need 

To go, (Crediting the song Portugal with the one summer turns into ten line)😃

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