Wild Freeway

​Everything is freeway

And I thought love was a pitstop
Was a hop off,
Was just mild reluctance,
But it’s a mess of a life to live,
It’s an instant messenger to get to you
I climbed those mountains for you
Stayed up all night for you,
Now you’ve taken another view,

Everything was freezing with you
Took a while to melt you down,
To drink you in,
Smoked around you so I could
Love you in the blur
So I could find some fur
For I needed fire for you were mostly
Freeway and mostly freedom,

Had some years on ya,
But I waited for that waitress
Much to long
She smoked it all gone,
She got me fired
She drove me wild
Cause Kansas was mild,

I don’t know what it means
But I’m not over you
I’m not past you,

I’m mild in reluctance
I’m wild in love with trying to
Live and I thought I got it from you,
Now you’re gone and I’m still
Alive, so who’s really dying now,
But that smile that prize beneath it,
That dress of them all, that airport
Life you chose, those painted red toes,

Who will ever know but I’m wild
In lost and in lust and making a list
Of reasons to keep the freeway in
Front of me,
The more I drive the more you stay in
The car ride,
It’s wild girl
It’s wild for you 

Will you drive with me to the place

Called future called furniture called 

Stay there until I arrive 

Never have I ever been so alive

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