Just pure as crystal

Clear as crystal in your see

I am still a bit jealous of those

Beach futures,

Those bleach pictures,

Just the couch for now

Then you changed somehow 

We needed repair

We got corner despair 

But did you ever care?

When I paid your fare?

When you took to long to 

Wave goodbye,

I am a lost just cause

Without a because,

Life needs a period and a please,

You called me upstairs just 

To talk then to do more then that,

God, you were a wild cause,

You tried at my because but I 

Just knew you weren’t enough 

Now I click the first regret that 

Comes my way,

I still want you still 

I just gotta know if you 

Ever will be wild for me again,

Just as pure as crystal 

Show me the future ?

It’s probably not with you 

Or with a better version of you

It’s wild , it’s risk, it’s a spinning 

Disc in your head,

Just faith now,

Just love so pure she won’t 

Do the trick

Down or up on you

It won’t satisfy 

It’s just not enough…

It just is 

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