Faking It

Morning with you,

Mourning with you,

Protection, where did that go?

I want the risk you provide,

I take the risk, I won’t hide,

Everyone is faking something,

Faking that climax,

Cause it died a while ago,

He’s watching a private show,

Not thinking about you,

Faking that confidence

Cause everyone has got it but you,

All the bullies swing from the trees,

You are a leader, you get the most

Wind, you are blowing with decisions,

You are endless revisions in the alley ways,

Mourning with you,

I know you lost it all when I

Was gone, now you always have

Your bags packed, can you ever love again?

I thought the more of you I saw,

The more of you I would start to miss,

But now you just undress and

Call me upstairs,

You just rid yourself of me, and

Eat alone,

You just fake it without me,

Fake your life of caligraphy,

But only One holds the final

Signature, the final one for


I fake it no more, the truest ink

Is in Your pen, you have more to

Write, more to copy down,

More to write, only the fake things

Don’t make the page,

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