Noise it follows you

The freeway it chooses you,

Now its up for debate,

Where is the white tape

Around the outline, in the

Alkaline, in the minutes before

The faded skyline,

I saw you in the night, and it stayed

Forever, one summer turned to ten,

I am still after you again,

Sign on this heart has read:

Out of order and exit signs


Doors slammed down and mercy’s


I was in love with one time,

I said never again can I take down

This sign again,

Life has taught you not to let go,

Taught you to never know,

How could you feel,

How could you burn with

Thought I could let you go,

But you play like slow mo,

You are a noise that can’t be

Quenched, am I am only a mess

Wretched, grace has slipped from

Me, because so easily I called your

Infraction, You are the distraction,

Life has taught you not to let go,

But I am behind, behind on loving you,

Behind on moving on,

Behind on buying an umbrella,

For the rain has come,

It has started to pour,

And even in the storm,

I see you clearly,

Clearly moving on,

And moving past it,

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