Carry It

Thought I could still carry it,

But maybe I should bury it?

The hatchet, the lack of it,

The lack of light to come in now..

You were seconds away, but now I have

Gone away, a lover of the runaway,

Thought I could come back to that place

Where I used to pace,

Where I used to lace it up every Thursday night,

Where we all got gone from now on,

Sent the email, and made the bail,

Wish I could look for you again,

Wish I could find you again,

Now just one look still feels like the

First one,

Behind those doors,

In the corridor,

In the dead of winter when the sun

Was shining,

In the middle of dying slowly trying

To get closer to You,

Wish I could carry it on my own,

But now I am walking home without

Ya, after the laid it all down for Ya,

After I lit the runway for this runaway,

I don’t know if I can face you,

Or if I can forget you,

But I don’t think I can carry you still,

Even though I would carry it, carry Your love

Wherever I go,

Carry it daily,

As hard as it is to not carry you at all

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