A long reflection about a lot of thoughts..

Now, it just gets harder
To burn much brighter,
Weirdly enough I haven’t lost you,
I haven’t lost the magic of searching
For You,
I used to spend it all on Ya,
I used to store it up for Ya,
Letting you know
I am not good at letting go,
I’ve tried to replace the vision of You
With other ones,
Other bangs and eyelashes,
Other brown eyes like yours,
Never let it go,
Well who wants to know?
Cause summer is over
Endless, it never is,
4th of July’s and endless sunrises with Ya,
Always knew climbing those mountains was
Never gonna last,
Washing windows for Ya,
Now you got a different view,
Maybe its better, maybe there is no
Together, there is no more weather with Ya,
Had some warmth to give away,
Caught you in the smoke and blew it
Your way,
Was trying to love you in the blur,
And give you some fur,
You were a little frozen,
A little cold shouldering,
As the boulders were smoldering,
And the flames were going,
I have no regrets,
I had a choice to light the match,
I think its out now,
I think its raining out,
I think its running out,
I think its on low low,
Never want to let you go,
Never want to let you know that I am
Still stuck without Ya,
Never want it to be a new beginning,
Just want you to be happy on your
Own, happy in your zone,
Happy not in my home,
Moved that mattress in,
Made that bed for You,
Invited you in, lost some time with Ya,
Wasted some nights with Ya,
Changed those lights for Ya,
Moved you in and tucked it in,
Mom was always the number one
Woman but she’s gone and has been,
Who still gets tucked in?
That Persian queen played the game
For us, drove through the rain for us,
Wore that red dress for us,
Lost the flights,
Lost the fights,
Lost the nights,
Lost her rights,
Gave them to us, died for us,
Now those dark days cost something,
We’re all still recovering,
But I am a man now,
I saw it somehow,
Let me love Ya better,
Let me return to the better One,
The better half, the better past part
Of the first parts,
Your love was freeway,
Lost me every which way,
Your love was freedom,
It was wild, wild for Ya,
Now I am lost in lust and
Making a list,
Who wants to know?
All your friends are gone,
Up to the northwest, up to the
Land of rain,
Now you feel the pain,
Now you thirst the bane,
Now you circle the drain,
She won’t be coming around
She won’t be the one to pick
You up from those long trips,
Those L.A. drop off’s,
Those brightly colored pillars
Of Exiting,
She can’t take it, anyway,
Your love was lost, but I was lost
Even more,
Just want you better,
Just want you happy,
Just want you smiling again,
Cause I had to much going down,
To look you in the eye,
Let me love Ya, I would if I could,
Now is all I got,
You are the past,
You are the last seemingly
One that made an impact,
Your love was freeway,
Its every way around me,
I am driving with Ya,
In this mind,
I am gone but you’re with me,
I am speeding up,
But you’re slowing me down,
Now is now,
And that’s all that seems to matter

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