Chase That

I know its the afternoon,

Its the after you,

Its the night time with you,

Thought I could chase Ya til the end,

Love you til the end,

I used to chase that, that look from behind,

That love you let on out front,

That walk with you around the block,

That summer rain that never came,

That dead battery day,

Now its afternoon,

Now its after you,

Now its a memory that doesn’t fade,

That cannot be a chase,

Its a dead end,

Its a reprimand,

Could have done better,

No more for the together,

Still burning in this weather,

I know you’re home,

I know you’re never alone,

You got a crowd to please,

You got the ground to be at ease,

Cause I am falling for Ya,

Falling down still,

I was chasing that view from behind,

Now I am caught up,

Now I saw you all grown up,

Now I am in front,

Now its gone,

The chase is still on,

The cravings don’t go away–

The mystery is still winding down,

Still a chase..



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