The road is unknown

The road is all we’ve known,

Got you in the zone

Waiting for me to come home,

Got you ready for love

Ready for something new to come

Your way,

Laughter at the wheel

And making a deal

Thought we had something real .

Never want to give up

At this fight

It’s been a hell of a ride

With You by my side ,

I got some pain

It went down down with those

Pills down with those cheap

Thrills, now lovely calls to me ,

Still got you waiting for me ,

Future  like furniture ,

Thought you might like to sit and

Stay? Pulled up this truck paid

The extra buck , moved you in

Thought I would win but now

It’s a loss,

What I want is your smile to stay

To never go away in the darkest

Of days,

Never gonna stop wondering

And wandering,

Got you at night

Just before twilight,

Got you known,

Got you unknown

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