The New \\\

The bigger thing is that it is no longer Spring,
Light is fading and you feel the sting,
Friends have moved and you have stayed,
You, know, still,
In the city that is endless thrill?
No, they all went up to the Northwest,
You’re just a new one to build around,
Bigger is better,
Or is lesser lesser of a pleasure.
The more I have expanded my ground,
I hear the sound, the hear the sound
Of them coming for me,
I was driving today,
And it broke down on me,
Back in L.A, but you never went
Away, back in the Beverly,
Back in the curls you wear,
Back in the new,
With a bunch of You in the middle,
I wondered of all the new I own,
Will it ever find a home?
Or is it people that make you settled,
Safe and pissed off all at the same time,
Lake day,
Shirt on my head,
See, I knew I could have stayed home,
Cause last year I was wanting a different
You’re breaking, you are breaking now
In every direction,
This heart is new
The rest is a rental,
The rest is thermal,
The rest won’t survive,
The rest is the best
When the vest comes off,
And the final explosion is
I am alone and found,
I am never together and
Always ripped apart,
Pressed today,
Up against,
The shots you took I am
Still taking em,
The new is the dash,
The new is //////////,
You will continue,
You will

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