How To

Taught me how to pack,
How to pack it all in,
How you left with the least
Amount of light that could come in?
Found the fall light breaking in,
The let down that could begin,
Every high has an end,
You taught me how to give some back,
You taught me how to pack,
Watched you always a light,
Even when he didn’t treat you right,
You came from the under,
That down under vacation,
That reason to leave all in a hurry,
That back of the plane kind of life,
A hunger for the white noise,
Lost the poise,
Why we lost the toys?
Left the gameboys?
I just love the travel,
I just love the gamble,
You lost some flights,
Lost some fights,
Lost some rights,
You got up some more,
You packed it in some more,
Waiting for the under,
For that love somebody thunder,
Wanted to ask you, “Did you ever feel some pain
on the getaway?” Did those red eyes dry?
Cause I am still asking why,
I got a safe life waiting for me,
Its in the middle, the middle of America,
The middle of the clouds, and the middle
Of taking some chances,
Some chances of Ya,
I just love the travel,
I just love the gamble,
Aren’t you just coming under,
Aren’t you just coming over?
All I was, was burning rubber,
Breaking over, bending over backwards,
To watch you move forwards,
Teaching myself how to pack it away,
Everything I never did say,
I got it right now, that beauty you keep
From me,
Now its long gone, but orange like
The pylon, its risk that is on,
That is burning up red instead,
Cause I thought lesser was better
Then never, and now never is closer
To forever,
I just love the travel,
Moving around from Ya,
But still carrying you around
Wherever I go

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