Commas and Periods

Hello(from the other side) I must have tried a thousand times..Ok, you know the song and so do I. I have never been content with this blog and yet it continues. My discontentment lies in my own turmoil as a person and aspiring writer. I want to do more, and I talk it a lot but it seems a struggle to find a way.



You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to read, but life is moving forward.

It seems like everyone has a story, but not everyone tells it. Not everyone takes time to develop a life worth living. We can’t do that apart from God the Father.

Just come back to Him. Just live again. Darkness comes and darkness seems to be a period.

The end of a sentence. The final gavel that will follow. It feels dark and dreary and I live in California.

I am not here to waste your time. I am here to tell you, don’t waste your time.

I am not here to make it easy on you to read. I am here to say something. I am here to search for the depths of something meaningful.

I think feeling all over the place keeps us feeling like we never have a home. Sadly, many people have a house, but no one to come home to.

In a world where connection seems a click away. Being alone is another period. You think you will never get married, or be with someone worth marrying, or someone wanting to be with you for a lifetime.

I know you got a lot more in you.

Often people are more led by what they feel, and not by what they know. I can’t be the only person that has caught on to this. ENFP that is my personality, so emotion is fuel to inspire, and I know that is true at 30 then it was at 10.

But what you are it goes on. A comma is a pause between two ideas. I should know the rules of the written language better. Nothing is final, and there are times when it feels like it is.

You are at the edge, I can just feel it. I am feeling it for you. You can’t expect this post to just end,  you got to live, you got to go aand live, you got to go and fail, you got to keep putting commas past your problems, you will go on, you will continue.

“For we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come.”

I am holding back from really telling you about your future.

I used to tell you the Ruckus like I owed you a reason.

I used to make more noise without any fear, so what happened to those days?

Cause my voice is getting smaller, but that fear will continue to come at me, and we will continue.





2 thoughts on “Commas and Periods

  1. Hi there!! This post is amazing. It sounds like you are talking to yourself but you have talked to my soul. I love it dear. So simple but powerful. I have been following you and been updated with your posts via email but I don’t actually open it every time and read. Now I resent it. I know there’s a reason why I followed you and I don’t know how I lose that enthusiasm to read wordpress. But I am so glad I opened this one. Just when I needed it. God bless dear! Keep shining! 🙂

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