Oh how good this is,
TO be poor again,
The straw roof little boy,
He’s got no toys,
Its a rift, its a drfit,
I am not living for those
Opinions anymore,
I am a world traveler,
I am the waker that I
Write about,
I am out in the open,
And mercy will have spoken,
Why are our lives so powerless sometimes?
I got some power, and I am getting it from You,
You know me now, you know me as a little bit
Bigger then yesterday,
But I know me too,
I got some continuance,
I got some royalty because of
You, and from you,
Its never over until its beginning,
You got nothing
I am still packing,
All my bags for you,
I just want something I can’t have,
Hunger is a cave to hide in,
Who wants to ever come in,
I got one look and one chance,
I had you one time,
Now I got wasted time trying to get you
To come back,
I asked for your love and its gone,
Now we are all we got left,
Jack on the Road,
Big things with little steps,
You think you can, you think you can,
Christ is the same and I haven’t changed,
Who the F__cares about how you think
You are doing,
THe final gavel will not travel without
Your permission,
YOu will now in submission,
you might gnash and wail,
One shot and maybe Hell,
Its what you want,
Its what you are,
Like the shooting star,
Do you make a wish?
Or do you wish you were bigger?
Cause its out there I know,
Cause its stretched out for me
ANd for us all at once,
I am small, I am here after all,
God is bigger and I misspell His
Words all the time,
No, it can’t all make sense all at once,
He is in between, He is carrying me,
He is in between light and dark, and
All the ways you can find a spark,
You want the cycle,
You want to spin,
But He’s got you locked in,
You got some bullets left,
So its time to fire, fire some
Love up again, fire back with
Some truth,
I am mispelled and lost and chosen
All at the same time,
My name is spelled the way
He made it, but it looks like I
Just love being perfect,
So, here you are again,
Reading it long, reading it late,
I can’t wait anymore,
I am going for it,
I am going for that full life

Once again

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