Morning New

Of all the cities, this one has some influence..

Morning New

It had some influence,
The city of fountains,
It had me when I was dry, and
It taught me how to get empty
She had that dream,
It had begun,
You feared losing when
You had already won,
I was a Prince,
I was to rule,
I was going to school,
But a different kind of learning,
A heart that would always be
It was for You, it was all for You,
Others came and tried,
They tried to lie,
They tried to creep on in,
Those alligators on the screen door,
Those prayers of hitting the floor,
This heart is beating for You,
Its been consumed,
I just need some rest,
I just need some test,
I don’t always have to be the best,
I just need You,
It drives around the block,
Your love that is stock,
That fills the shelves,
I used to stock those too,
At night when no one had a clue,
It was this city that carved me,
Now it is still after me,
Chasing me down,
Falling down,
Casting the crown,
It digs into this head,
And you already bled,
I got this in control,
Cause I feel I am not,
Chaos in the cracks,
And no going back,
Passing meadow lane,
The winters it did bring,
The garage spot,
The circles of trust,
The burning heart,
Always a must,
Fire me new,
This is morning,
This is a new sun to chase,
I am after You again,
Cause I can’t live in black and
White anymore,
Color it again,
Color this city that has made me
Who I am,
A new painting
For the taking

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