Enough To Hold

I think you were under the impression I was gonna stay a while?

I think you got to much time on your hands. I think you need something
To place in your hands.

Its crept in pretty suddenly, but it grew daily.
I had some love to give to You,
Now I got no clue,
Used to play hard as a card,’
Like I could pick another from the deck,
But we had no deck,
No stained glass fence,
No white picketed windows to

I think I had no impressions,
I just had to impress them on you,
I think I can’t keep saying, ” I am just a
Tough one to love, cause I am always moving!”
Always one that is hard to catch,

It has come to my attention,
That everyone needs some attention,
That I walk by a thousand front doors,
And have no exit sign to change,
No love, or loose change,

I got a whole lot of sky left to chase,
And you got to come and chase it with me,

I think you need empty in you,
So you can get some fill in you,
I think you need some grip,
A tight one,
A right now,
A light one,

I think you need some hands that
Are full, I think I need you grabbing my
For it might take a long time to
Move forward,
But its better then never,
Better then backwards,
Better then never having anything to hold,
Anything to grip,
Any more coffee to sip?
I’ll be up thinking of what I have to hold,
I’ll be up thinking of everything you ever did
Grab for me, place for me, pick up for me,
And that’s enough to touch, enough to

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