One Chance

You can’t see the table that I am writing on. I don’t want you to see the unhealthy late night snacks I just consumed. I am not trying to stay up late. I am actually fading, fading pretty hard into the night.

One time, I will tell you this. Probably several times I will tell you: I already said it once, why do I got to say it again?

God’s Not Dead 2 is at redbox now, but I would rather watch The Nice Guys. I also could spend everyday for the next 5 days 8 hours each day= 40 hours, worth of writing movie reviews. If I had one chance, however, I am not sure I would write about me. You should watch Just Before I go( sort of dirty and profound all at the same time).

If I had one chance to say something and say it for the last time. I am not sure what I would choose. Love is the muse, and you are the stage, and you are also the actor. God is Father. God is the director. God is the stage maker and the stage taker.

I used to love being up in front, now I just sit back and watch you perform. Now, I am unlike the rest of those around me. I would rather talk about all the things I want to create, and then get sad when they don’t happen. But, if I, had one chance to do anything..I would hope it would be rooted and grounded in LOVE, and for the right reasons.

I have been traveling like a maniac. Almost 70 some days since April first. Ten trips working and working and moving and moving.

One chance, however, to just have another chance; I WOULD, take that anyday of the week.

You know when you are little you feel like all you want to do is get bigger and older. You see the older kids doing what you can’t do, so naturally you don’t want to be a kid, you want to be OLDER.

Now that I am older and wiser I realize there is no turning back, and there is no looking to far ahead. My life has concluded in words and journals and evernote postings that TODAY will always be the best day to embrace because there is no going back. There might not be another one chance.

I know you don’t like being single. If you are a single women the world has more compassion because you “can’t do anything” about guys not asking you out. So all men are idiots and pansies for not ever, even trying to ask you out. If you are a man then you don’t get a sentence, you just need to get over yourself.

All your friends are getting married, or getting there, or at least closer to it then you are.

We all feel like that one chance to be with someone has passed. She is gone and with someone else, or he moved away and 6 months later you see that he is with someone else.

Life is full of one chances and also mercy for new chances. It will change, but you will too.

I choose to go to sleep and to rest, so I can have more energy to take the chances that God offers me. Risk is a spinning disc in God’s head. He is always stretching us and causing us to give it all for Him.

Remember that today..


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