On Borrow

I am home,
It is Saturday night,
I thought we had a fight,
I thought I wanted to stay right,
Now, I am home from last night,
Home from the flight,
I am unpacked and I am
I am here and I am gone,
I am in the middle with Ya,
I am home cause I am known,
These letters are bold and black,
They have no lack,
I am carved out for you,
I am carving it for You,
I am not ready for tomorrow,
I am still sitting on some sorrow,
I am not saved up,
I am living on borrow,
But you got some fuel for me,
Fuel for me to see,
You had a life,
You faced it with all that you could,
Now I can’t go back,
Now I shouldn’t,
Now you won’t ask me again,
Can I borrow some of that risk again?
Can I get some of that sin taken away?
Cause all I know is asking,
Asking for mercy,
Asking for money,
Asking for time that you
Already gave me,
I am living on borrow,
I am working through the sorrow,
I am down,
I am out,
I am wide awake when You call

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