I had some Sundays for Ya,
Young Adults you know,
As I could watch real low,
No, you said you could call weekly,
And on the curb, I waited like daily,
Fear, it walks in the family,
It creeps, it crawls, and sprawls
You at on the floor,
Basement love,
And the front lawn bust,
Now, you stop by,
You just run on by,
You just try to stop, but you
Got some pain, you got some
Brain, you got some middle love
To sink deep into,
I had some Sundays for you,
I laid them down for you,
Always for a way back,
Always for a subtle heart attack,
It still beats, it still hits the streets,
I am alone sometimes,
And I am known always,
I am lost on Sundays even when
Church seems so safe,
I am without love,
And yet love opens the doors for me,
I am in to deep,
And you are helping me swim,
Basement love,
I am still down there,
Black, white, television for
Speed on repeat,
This is old, and new,
I am a kid, and a man,
And always needing a plan,
Sundays were love,
Sundays were a mess,
Sundays would be better,
If you stopped by instead

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