Runners High

I got you gunning for me,
Got your running on me,
Got that thing called a ceiling,
Its fixed,
Its facts,
Its fiction at best,
I am not settling down anymore,
I tried to dig in the ground,
You came here to be found,
Let yourself into this office,
Sat in and pressed accomplice,
Tried to get to be your friend,
Tried to lie one more time about
Your future,
You always say, “when will this end?”
I will add, It has just begun!”
No quotes for the beginning,
Cause you are still going,
I got you taking up some space,
Feels like you never left this place,
Helped you pack up, and move on,
Hid things in the trunk,
Hid things in the truck,
Hid things, tried to duck,
I got a ceiling,
Is it fixed?
Is it a fact?
Is it fiction at best?
Nothing can stop me now,
Not even slowing down just
To text you again,
Just to invite you in again,
Just to try to listen,
This heart can’t take the past
Anymore, can’t take you running
By the parks, your shoulders lower,
Your mind lower,
Everything about you is not me,
I’ve got upward calling me,
I got no ceiling,
Its a fact, no limits to what I will
Become in You,

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