It Is Today

My day today..the 29th..

Calling it why you got it,
Its fading away,
How did time get us away?
I wanted some more,
I wanted some You,
Now its the 29th and the clock
Is ticking,
I got to travel fast down the 605,
Now you arrive,
Now you thrive,
When I don’t drive,
Do you need me at all?
Are you ready to fall?
Cause mad love is in your
I jet blacked my hair for you,
I shaved those extra facial hairs
For you,
Now it is today,
Went to Venice,
Felt the presence,
Saw it blow,
The trees, real slow,
Highway is higher now,
Got to get curled up for
The shadows,
For they are coming,
I got some love that is storing
Up, for the couch, for the room,
For the places I will take you,
Yesterday has already passed,
Today still has enough for us,

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