The Flash is back..


And so is the macbook Pro..lets not get to excited. This kitchen is back. Home is back. 5 months of the road. 10 Trips. 70 days of travel when you add it all up..

Enough on me, let us get to one of my favorite shows. I have always been a television person and have seen to many movies..(or maybe not?) And if you have followed this blog in the past 5 years I have aspired more to write those reviews. I have stopped a lot of that in the past year and well..someday..

No one should ever mess with time. It always seems like characters in time travel feel like changing their lives by moving through the past and the future, and it never works. The bottom line is that no one can control it. It will always have repercussions.

We have all loved Back to the Future. If you don’t then maybe you should time travel out of sanity. Back to the Future( not the first of time travel films and stories) shows us what happens when you go backwards and forwards in your own life. The title itself feels are going to the past to return to the future??

The Flash season 3 opening episode has us on the edge of this tension. Season one established the characters. It showed us who Barry Allen is, was and will be. Every season one of great shows usually end up becoming some of the best season. 24 had one of the best first season, so did LOST, and so did HEROES. And of course, I am leaving out a hundred other examples.

I am hearing those credits ring..and that music..and its really actually time for bed.

Just watch the first episode..and get ready for another 20 some episodes of living in the past, the present, and the future.

“We were meant to be in each other’s lives.”–Barry says to it


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