Folded up,

Folded on the table,

All was a fable,

Until you got a little stable,

You were in it,

You were with it,

You were sunk deep in it,

It was ripped for a little

Bit, It was protected on

The Sunday split,

I don’t go there anymore,

I don’t see that anymore,

Wish I could stay to watch

Everyone move away,

Wish I could fold up

To, fold away, fold up

For another day,

I am worried about the

Pulpit, the pupils,

The principals we are


I am worried, yet

I am ready,

To lose it all again,

To bow down to the

Wrong kind of lion,

To the wrong kind

Of lying,

I will fold it up to,

These pamphlets you

Hand out,

You folded them just

Like everyone else,

I am folded to,

Folded over being

Over it,

Folded for sure,

Scolded for sure,

Cause I am not folding


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