That couch was ripped,

Those frames were bent,

Slaving, always, to make the rent,

We really were just kids

And you really were just broken to,

Ripped went the furniture,

Small felt the future,

Clothes melt the couture,

Costumes were the custom,

Around us, you passed on

Safely, you passed by us


That ripped couch,

That evening ouch,

That forced eye contact,

That midnight fright,

That Colorado wind at


I still remember

Loving November,

Living for older,

Living for a future,

Saw older sister live

On the edge, dance

Away the rain, carried

In real plain,

Saw those friends bigger,

Went Halloween even

As we were older,

That couch was always

Ripped, those frames

Rarely came, and they

Certainly went,

They felt they owed us

An explanation for the

Stacks of cards, and

Facts and miracle seeds,

But we had no choice,

We were born planted

We were born famous,

I loved that camera,

Black or white,

Day or night,

Never had a problem

With having friends,

I think I was clearer

Then the lens,

You drew me in,

You threw me out,

I was wild then,

I was reckless on

The inside, I was

Never one to hide.

I had some loves, and

To many laughs,

I had some thorns

I had some thistle,

I had some twisted

Ideas about our future,

I had some broken furniture

To look at, some white walls

To put up with,

Some black and white to fight,

Maybe I am not learning as

Much as one could be,

But You did show us

Color, you did change it

Up on us,

You drew us out,

You threw us in front,

That stage is still calling,

Everyone is panic,

Everyone is Halloween,

Dressing up but breaking

Down on the inside,

No, I am asking now:

Throw us out,

Throw us like nets

Like Peter, like John,

Like all the great ones,

Cast us onto the conflict,

Where rage motivates the


Where center is a curse,

Where the pulpit is the

Worst place to talk

About the future

No one, not even us,

Are free from rips,

And tears, and that couch,

That ripped up couch,

No one has a say over

Their furniture,

But you do have a future,

Ripped, cracked,

Famous, shy,

Center stage or

Just in the back,

Its calling now,

Life has rips and

Tears and you can

Never be sure of

What you see,

But what you don’t

See, that is what


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