Ripped, part 2


Forward church. Endure church.

Let it be on the search,

I used to sit,

Ripped couch and all,

Bent frames, and all.

Used to let You watch like

No one else was looking.

Never had enough fun,

Never wanted anything to end.

Frames were bent,

Making the rent,

Had those white walls,

I hid in those dark halls,

I was never really sure

How do be real mature.

I just thought everything

Would stay ripped,

That everything would stay bent.

That no one ever stops paying rent.

I saw black,

I saw white,

I saw myself staying

Up all night,

I saw you grow,

I saw the things

You did sow,

The things you did


Nothing can be this easy,

But You made a way

For us to watch,

To live it,

To be it,

I am the one You

Thought of,

I miss those eyes,

Those nights everyone

Wanted to share,

Ripped couch,

Never replaced,

Blank space,

Never filled in,

But learning how to


That is the greatest

Gift you did give

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