Skeleton #1

Your life is just footage.

You were born into it,

Called the fight, called

Living right,

You were used to be electric,

You used to,

You used to feel alive

I have to be the best,

But lights drive me.

I wanted L.A.,

I always craved it.

I always saved it,

But first I lost it,

I went narrow for a while,

I went sparrow for a while,

I mean I worried myself into

A coma,

I thought it was life I was chasing,

Cause all it costed was what

You called sacrifice,

It was twice, it was thrice,

It was worked out nightly.

I am driver #1,

I am lower then you,

I am the cement,

I am the sand in between,

I have to have somebody,

Somebody to watch over ME,

I got another side to this lens,

To this unknown of an end,

Lights fading quicker,

Cause you are about to gather,

Gather for the table,

Hope you aren’t a fable,

Hope gratitude will follow You,

I am driver #1,

I am the seat belt,

It is never worn anyway,

I am born any way,

I control where these lights go,

I control it all,

I have to have You,

Have you staying up with me,

Cause the halls got bones,

Bones got flesh,

Flesh has got a body,

A body is following me,

Following is following


I am driver #1,

I am just Your skeleton,

Can’t you fill me in?

Can’t you watch over me?

Can’t we stay in L.A.,

Cause its to full,

And to empty,

Its to dirty,

It is to much a skeleton.

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