I am not still,

or scared, but maybe scarred,

Cause this has gone on to far,

Doing the right thing, well,

That will cost you everything.

I can’t change for you,

I have no change for you,

It is on empty, this thing called

Love, this thing I carry,

I am still cleaning this kitchen,

I am still making it shine,

I am still making it a home,

Cause you are not the same,

Not the same kind of person,

And neither am I,

No, I am still,
And noise has been the drug,

The spinning rainbow is a glitch,

The spinning of slow is the glitch,

You got caught in the middle,

The middle of the war in my head,

I brought you in, I carried you out,

I had the coast,

I had it for a few days

But it will never be the same,

Never will be,

Cause those shorelines are

Long gone,

They were still there,

And they are still here,

The road goes on forever,

If I have learned one thing,

It is that you have to keep

Cleaning, and working,

And asking for more,

More challenges, more

Things to file away,

More memories to not


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