It was the cops verse the cape,

And there is still an ache,

I was high on you,

Losing you in the night,

Gaining you for the right.

I saw you spin in circles,

I saw you dance around me,

I saw the longer parts of your

Hair, I saw myself living in some


That backseat adventure,

The one’s only summer is made of,

But it wasn’t what I wanted,

Or what I needed,

I do miss a lot of things,

But those things are past,

Gone, and ready to be made


I miss those eyes,

All of those people staring

Back at me,

I miss being brother and sister,

Not that that won’t last forever,

I miss waking up to a full house,

Even if the fullness was broken,

Even if what we knew was never

A good thing spoken,

I miss the snow,

The shovels,

The dirt and the grovels,

The spring of You,

The new of You,

The way that you left it on

The edge,

The driveway edge,

The snowstorm of fear,

The journals to come,

The stories of being numb,

Now it fades, all of it fades away,

I miss a lot of things,

But missing sometimes

Means you are missing


Missing now,

Missing love that somehow

Is not very far away,

Just seems that way,

Cause the past is further

From now,

Further from today

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