I got to much to give to You

I got to many memories I can’t

Let go of,

You got the chemicals,

I’ve got the options,

You made these veins,

You carved out this brain,

Its turning on me,

Its causing gravity,

Its weighing in,

I am the fighter,

You made the gloves,

I got some options,

Love is never a should,

Seems to be a was,

Seems to make us laugh

When its good,

Cry when its not,

I got to much stored up for You,

Treasures they are filling up,

Wrath is filling the cup,

Fury is on its way,

So is a new day,

I got to much of new to

Weigh in now,

I got to much old things to

Throw away,

I got You,

And that’s enough

Weight to carry around

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