Yes, its rain,

No, it is not plain,

The future, the new terrain,

I will not embrace the sun,

The Son, the one, the way

It had to begun, or not go


It has been clearly strung

Together, where are you

And where are you going?

Cause I want to leave you all behind me?

Cause getting closer just does remind me,

How much I used to soak and bask, and

Rest in your kind of storm,

How the temple was just one place

To live,

How the southern life couldn’t touch

The north,

Or east could not be friends with west,

I had me in one direction,

One fatal distinction from the

Rest of the movement,

Yes, it is rain,

It is pouring,

And I am out here on my own,

With no protection,

I am the one that chose to follow you,

To say no to sitting still,

To giving in to that midnight thrill,

I said you were worth the mess,

And worth the regret,

And worth all the things you never

Get until it rains,

I am not used to this,

This change of weather,

This change of pace,

The happier look up

On your face,

Cause all my life I’ve been


Craving what you call


Looking for a thousand

Reasons to get locked away,

And locked up,

And thrown out back on

Streets, where safety is

A dream,

Where adventure is where

We meet,

Yes, it can’t keep raining,

Cause that is how change

Is, always moving and always

Working against me

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