Rain, Pt. 2

Yeah you passed it down

Too, water slipping,

Away and drifting,

We used to feel it,

We used to blast it,

We used to have a better

Way at getting in the way of

Our dreams,

We used to wak on the tightrope,

ON the Tuesday nights,

On the one that could put us right,

We used to have something to sing,

Now we just got pain,

I was committed to getting nothing

out of this,

Now I am walking around like that;s

All I had to give,

Now it feels taken away,

It feels like it won’t go away,

I had the dirt,

I had the flirt,

It never does last doesn’t it,

You’ve found a way to disappear

And I am the one that is still here,

Still feeling like nothing has changed,

Like all I got is the buildings in the rain,

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