Same Design

This is the same .
Same floor same inspection
Same damn inspiration .
Anger is the wave .
Riding it until the end,
The end of time.
The past haunts Ya,
Cause you ride it too,
It lies on you,
Stays the night,
Does you right no more,
Cause you can’t hit that floor,
Same design,
Same elevators,
Always broken going up,
Always a rush to get down,
Yeah I am full too,
Full of noise you ask me
To get rid of,
Full of sorrow you ask
Me to give You,
I can’t keep responding when
Your soul needs it,
I am sewed up,
in Regret for those things,
For those nights,
For those designs,
I can’t keep pressing green for
Go and red for no more,
I can’t keep asking you to
You are the outline,
You are the design,
You are the one taking
Up all my time,
I am flushed like red,
Red eyes in the cup,
Red eyes in the rut,
Wings are broken,
I will be up anyway,
Asking this conscious
To get a new design

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